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Complete ESD-safe system

The cause of ESD is by electric charges that are generated by friction on various materials or by the influence of electric fields. Voltages of up to 10,000 V can be generated.

The most effective solution is to avoid loading or to safely drift devious loads. The Bosch ESD program is specially designed by electrostatically conductive or deflective components which create a protected complete system.

  • Complete ESD system protection.
  • Cost savings by combining standard elements.
  • In accordance with requirements for the protection of ESDS (DIN EN 61340-5-1).





Motivation and Satisfaction

An ergonomic workplace makes work easier and takes care of employees’ health. The results are satisfactory: increased motivation and satisfaction, greater capacity of performance, efficiency and quality at work, as well as a decrease of medical leaves.

We can create ergonomically optimum working conditions thanks to individual workstations adjustable in height.

  • Large number of adjustment options for great versatility.
  • Geometry and functionality freely selectable.
  • Independent height adjustment of the material and the table.




Ergonomic supply of parts

Easily positioning parts ergonomically in the workstation thanks to the case lifters. In order to minimize the stress caused on the workers’ bodies, the case lift raises and lowers loads, avoiding faulty postures and excessive strain. Through this way, your employees can focus on value-added activities.

  • Ergonomic supply of parts.
  • Reduced timing of parts’ positioning and removal.
  • Automatic stacking and unstacking.


Kanban System

To reduce inventories and achieve an efficient material supply system, a well-structured and well-organized flow racks LEAN system is needed, which creates transparency by helping us reduce our stock.

Bosch Rexroth shelf and carriage systems offer a wide range of major benefits for numerous companies and also for the industry.


  • Reduced stocklists.
  • Shorter conversion times.
  • Straightforward conversion, enlargement and extension.
  • Inventory visualization (kanban color signal).
  • Use of materials in prescribed sequence (fifo principle).


Low cost for greater investment


The workstation’s manual linking with ECOFLOW relieves the worker’s effort, since the products and the working jigs are transported on manual sliding sections.

At the same time, investing in this conveyor is low-priced, since the conveyor ECOFLOW works without electric drive systems neither controllers.


  • Efficient linking of various work stages.
  • Relieves worker’s effort (no heavy loads are required to be lifted).
  • Pre-assembled roller paths as an option.
  • Can be combined with Bosch Rexroth Transfer systems.


Setting and directly on-site assembly


Thanks to ecoshape, you can build customized structures with very few components.

The planning is very simple and easy, due to its structure: the standard components are designed according to the Poka-Yoke principle, which allows fast and error-free assembly.


  • High stability with ingeniously designed connector technology.
  • Existing production lines can be easily expanded.
  • Easy to cut, assemble and handle.
  • Combinable with the modular aluminum system (for larger loads).
  • Configure and assemble directly on site.



Greater efficiency, thanks to sharply defined organisation. Information panels.


We can make available key information, such as production figures, goal, work instructions, but also organizational charts and equipment within an area, with information panels. Thus, the information is accessible at all times for the employees.


  • High transparency.
  • Greater efficiency thanks to a straightforward organisation.
  • High stability.




Thanks to the MPS catalogue’s components, we achieve optimum tools and parts positioning, and perfectly located and labeled material. The easy tool accessibility, as well as the material, helps to avoid irregular, stressful and redundant movements, saving production time.

  • Space-saving, ergonomic positioning.
  • Reduced assembly timing.
  • Safe and fast picking.
  • Modular construction.
  • Standard parts for individual solutions.



estaciones fifo

FIFO stations provide us with the material supply during manufacturing using defined delivery paths. It creates clarity and a high degree of transparency.

The FIFO principle’s observation improves the tracking of materials’ failures or interruptions in the process.

The FIFO station can be supplemented by combining it with the modular aluminum system.

  • Defined organisation and transparency through standardized routes.
  • Clear visualization to help minimize inventories.
  • Modular design of the rail system.
  • 5S Principle for the supply of materials.



The newest industrial revolution

industria 4.0

Industry 4.0 is known as the fourth industrial revolution, for good reason. I 4.0 has led to the quick industry’s transformation, where the virtual world of information technology, the physical machines and the internet, have become one.


All the necessary information is available to everyone in actual time and directly on the production line.

Active Cockpit, process and visualizes production data in real time, such as production planning, quality data management and e-mail with the software functionality of machines and stations. Information is the core for decisions and process improvements.

  • All relevant information is available to all in actual time on the production line.
  • Intelligent intercom saves information processing time.
  • More efficient improvement processes through a clear analysis and definition of the final tasks.