Material and information flow solutions

Whether conveying small, delicate products of just a few grams, or large products of several hundred kilograms, in clean rooms or oily environments, Bosch Transfer Systems have stood the test in many industries. They are always the right choice.






Assembly accuracy and fast processes

The TS1 system offers appropriate features for precise and fast production.

The TS1 is used in technology fields where the products are small and require some precision. Fields such as medicine (hearing aids, cardiac pacemakers), electronics (hard disks, regulators, sensors), precision mechanics (small engines, switches) and optics (contact lenses).

  • Units of exact accuracy.
  • High production rate due to short cycle times.
  • Save space thanks to its compact construction.
  • Cost-effective due to the return on investment since it is possible to recombine the individual components.
  • Pallet weights up to 3 kg.
  • Pallet sizes of 80 × 80 mm, 120 × 120 mm, 160 × 160 mm.





Multi-talented for a wide spectrum of applications

003 Transfer TS2 1

The TS2 system offers a wide diversity which guarantees high productivity and meets the requirements of a broad range of products.

Different transport means (belts, chain, rollers) and different module solutions (curves, transferors, positioning and drive) make planning and layout’s design easier and more flexible.

The TS2 is used by automotive suppliers (engine controls, radios, headlights, sunroofs), electronics (computers, monitors, printers, set-top boxes), producers of small appliances (coffee machines, irons) and power tools (drills, cutters).

  • 4 types of conveying media which can be combined together to meet the needs of the assembly process.
  • Workpiece pallets specifically designed for each product size.
  • Maximum loads up to 100 kg.
  • Pallet sizes from 160 × 160 mm up to 1040 × 800 mm.

The TS 2pv is based on the proven TS 2plus transfer technology and has been customized to suit the specific demands in the solar industry.

Photovoltaic modules in thin-film and silicon cell technology can be transported directly on the new Rexroth TS 2pv transfer system.

  • Solutions for transporting hot glass modules up to 150 ° C (optionally up to 200 ° C).
  • Completely silicone-free, grease-free and exposed oils.
  • 100% application in ESD environments.
  • Suitable for clean rooms with class 6 (EN ISO 14644-1).
  • Conveyor mediums tailored to customer applications.
  • Available as a 2, 3, 4 and 5-track solution.
  • Optional frequency converters to ensure smooth speeds.
  • Pre-assembled belt sections.
  • Compatible with elements of modular profile systems.



For loads up to 300 kg

The TS5 system can carry loads of up to 300 kilograms. This powered roller conveyor allows the use of great deal of freedom for fast and simple planning and modification.

The TS 5 transfer system has a modular design and is pre-assembled. All components can be combined with each other.

The TS 5 is particularly suitable for harsh production environments, such as in the automotive industry or in machining applications. The products can be transported on a pallet or directly on the rollers.

  • Maintenance-free, noise-free and high efficiency transfer.
  • Efficient transfer system for heavy loads.
  • Branching off in both directions
  • Flexibility of design through standard modules.
  • Friction for each roller can be adjusted from the outside without a tool
  • Modular system with defined interfaces.



Accuracy at high speeds

006 Active mover 1

Linear motor transfer system ideal for short cycles and transporting products at high speed and precision.

Thanks to a unique combination of speed, precision and load capacity, the new ActiveMover will increase process’ quality, productivity as well as profitability.

  • Exact positioning of workpiece pallet thanks to integrated measuring system, without additional indexing (Repeatability of ± 0.01 mm).
  • Shorter cycle times thanks to high speed (150 m / min) and acceleration (4g / 1kg, 1g / 10 kg.) Faster pallet changes.
  • Powerful drive with up to 160 N per pallet and rugged design.
  • Easy process integration and broad range of applications.
  • Can be connected to any control system, each pallet is freely programmable and easy to change out.
  • Asynchronous and synchronous operation.


Safe and reliable data communication

RFID systems are economic and reliable solutions for implementing a flow of product-related information across different transport systems.

Data related to the product and the order can be stored directly on the data label (data on chip) or in a central database (data on network).

All Rexroth RFID systems are reading and writing systems and tolerate all common buses.

Those adapt perfectly to transfer and Varioflow systems.

  • ID 200 is the perfect system for EtherNet-based communication, using standardized data labels in accordance with ISO 15693.
  • ID 40, thanks to its high data labeling capacity, is particularly suitable for the decentralized storage of large volumes of data.
  • ID 15, with a compact design, is perfect for small systems and as a decentralized storage tool.


Chain conveyor systems

Powerful and versatile chain conveyor system. Its modular character makes it easy to acquire a customized conveyor for each situation, solving any difficulty, both in narrow areas or difficult spaces.


  • Easy and quick planning.
  • Fast and functional system design. Sliding surfaces free of rivets.
  • Optimized sliding features only require a few drives.
  • Drive shafts and additional holes.
  • Optional pallet system.
  • Propietary chain construction to minimize noise (max noise 70 dBA at 40 m / min).


Belt system made of design and simple construction

Conveyor belts capable of transporting bags and carboard boxes in a careful and extremely quiet manner. They can be combined with a front or central drive, depending on their length. Both adaptations can operate with slopes of up to 24 °, even ensuring the transport of the smallest products.

  • Simple and standardized design components.
  • Fast assembly.
  • Multiple drive configurations.


Efficient build-up


Roller conveyor optimized for the transport of a wide variety of paper bags and different types of cartons. The possibility of equipping the drive of the conveyor depending on the final requirements, makes it a very versatile handling device.

Easily modifiable, the roller conveyor is the ideal device for very dynamic applications that require the careful handling of boxes and paper bags.

  • Efficient accumulation.
  • Wide versatility.
  • Easily modifiable.